Rom. 12:19

As crime against blacks is on the rise, may we who believe rely on the word of God knowing God will make our suffering right. Lose not who God says you are by not destroying the stereotype (of what others presume it means to be black). While dancing on the graves of those who have lost their lives and not allowing their families to grieve because your need to be vengeful is greater than the need of those who need to see justice prevail. I understand that black lives matter because my skin is one of a darker hue (the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, so I’ve heard) that won’t lighten nor would I want it to. Understand that while it is a tragedy to lose a black life it is not uncommon,but it only takes one to create change that can start the conversation that will saturate the atmosphere with the Holy Spirit who breathes peace and requires listening ears and open hearts to create an equal playing field for all it’s players. Young protestors, thugs, or instigators it does not matter the name given or called remember God’s words “Vengeance is mine declares the Lord.”

This has been P.M. Mathis author of UR God’s Love Story. Cover Book-FINAL COPY-forward
A Pew Partner cropped-pew-partners-logo.jpgpresentation: A Reflection of God……..



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