People always expect to confront a bully about his or her wrong doing, but what if you realize it is the bully within yourself you must confront? When the bully within yourself is assaulting you with words or causing damage to your own body, how would you respond? At times, a person must confront the person that stares back at them in the mirror and address the demons that keep him or her held up in life by not exercising those God given talents that will surely benefit others. In this life, it is a common practice to be told “you” are not good enough, “you” have the right to lie to yourself, or “you” have the right to be mean to others. It is important to make sure you do not infringe on someone else’s right to be who God has called them to be. You must be honest with yourself and test the way you deal with others. You should based your actions on Christ’s example. Christ chose to fellowship with people that society chose to over look. There is healing in finding your value in God that way you have no reason to put someone else down. God’s grace is also a good prescription for preventing you from bullying yourself with constant insults, guilt trips, and shame based assaults you level upon yourself. Just because everything you do does not measure “perfectly” on your scale understand God sees you perfectly. When you continue to beat yourself up with thoughts such as: She is better at that then me so I won’t try, he won’t love me if I don’t do everything he says, or who I am will never measure as“valuable” (on the scale of life lived with purpose). The most damaging thought of all is that you will stay in the shadow of everyone else’s victory and never assume you can step out into the light to be seen. You should always demonstrates God, and you do this by you turning your healing over to God. Your intimate inner workings have to be on displayed each day. Know that the best you can give is what you offer so stepping into someone else’s shoes might not serve you well. Recall David who was given someone else’s armor for war. 1Samuel 17:38-40 He knew what would work for him, and he did not deviate from his path to slay Goliath. He knew he would win by staying connected to his Source (God). Being at peace is a key for staying on course so that when your soul is quiet the spirit can be heard. Then God’s direction can be followed with clarity and an assured confidence in what you produce can be obtained. Never allow the voice within to take you off course by allowing the enemy who accuses people of faith that their efforts are not good enough to ever please God. Revelation 12:10 Actually pleasing God is a side note when you realize the truth that God loves you no matter what. Keeping your thoughts on the cross will make this knowledge relevant in everything you set out to accomplish. Allowing yourself to be overcome by the bullying of others is unacceptable. If you allow yourself to be bullied from within , it a much more devastating form of abuse because you do not get away from yourself ever. When your standard of measure is aligned to God’s, your value is guaranteed to bless others. Never allow “you” to hinder you. God declares your value in the blood of His son shed for you. The understanding you gain about bullying others must also be applied to how you deal with yourself. Being uplifted by positive influences must be an objective of your life.


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