What makes one person invisible to others and another person the center of attention? Everyone has a desire to be known, to be touched, to be seen as valuable, to be honored by love, and to feel special and held in high regard by someone. It’s really not important for it to be more than one person. Actually one is enough. An audience of One, like our God, needs to be that first and the most important in your life. You need to find your value in God when you do no one else opinion matters. It’s hard for some to understand the confidence you get from finding “you” in God’s love. God being the one who knew you first and will know you at the end of this life must be the one you turn to first. And it is important to keep your identity centered in how God has shown you love, the cross Lead me to the Cross being the evidence of such a love. There will never be a clearer example of love. No one will ever love you more than God.1 Cor.1:18
The way to please God is to love Him by trusting Him to be the lead in your life. Another way is to spend time with Him is giving Him the respect of settling your spirit, so He can rearrange those things that keep you, His temple, uncertain. Finally the simplest way to please God is to tell others He will come again to receive them giving them the tools to secure their place in heaven. The best way to prove to another you love him or her is to introduce them to God. But if they already have a relationship with God, then affirm their belief by relating with your own testimony of courage that allows you to walk with God’s affirming love as your guide. Your example will lighten the path for others because you have allowed loving God to be your life style. There really is no need to challenge or out do another your desire to love God will be enough and spill over to loving others. Even those who may not desire what you desire will have to honor God for the example of your life’s presence in their own. Remember your life’s purpose is to serve your Creator whose image you clearly represent. Matt. 5:44
Being the light of the world (with Christ) is not always easy, but you gain more in the challenges of life then the celebrations. Going through the test will not be fun as you are in the storm of it, so holding on to the wisdom of God will keep you grounded. John 8:12

Never try to justify your right actions because they will be confirmed in the reaction of those you have the privilege of influencing. Handle “you” with the same measure of respect you would offer to someone else. Encourage your resolve to stand in the face of adverse circumstances: being challenged by a friend, being misunderstood, or being lied on when the truth is known are harsh realities. But your character has to always be anchored in God, who gives you the strength to behave at your BEST in the face of a test. Matt. 7:5
In order to be the best “you” that others desire to see is to stay locked in to God who has created you out of love. So all that you can produce is love if this makes sense then give the best of what loving others declares to you and you will have done enough. 1 John 4:19key lock

You are enough no one can create a greater love then God, so stop trying and receive the gift that God has given the cross secured in the blood of Christ then love the best you know how and offer it within your truth and you will create enough of what is needed for everyone you encounter. Understanding you and what you offer is the greatest gift you can give and again the ordinary is enough.





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