A Mother’s Post


You are my passion. The reason I get up each day. My purpose is to reach my potential, so I can show you how. Your dreams live inside me, and I will go before you to clear the path. I will listen with a heart of understanding, but we will not always see eye to eye. The page may turn on the story I created for you in my mind, but understand if what you read is different for your life then what I see I promise to support your version of the story. I am your biggest fan. The greatest cheerleader you will ever have. There are no words to accurately explain the pulse of my beating heart.
Dear Mama As a mother, I have learned the lesson on how to be the best person I can because my daughter would watch my every action and speak my every word. Now as I put my wisdom in with other advisers of self-improvement I hope to advise young women to see the greatness within. I want my life to be one that displays lending to others what is known to be right but rarely practiced. I want to be the model mom for young girls, the model sister friend for young woman, and the model listener of older women of wisdom. Then those I influence can be a sister keeper to those who run behind them looking for a role model to emulate. It is my mission to have young ladies know their value outside of man’s validation inside of God’s love for them. The Ordinary Princess ordinarymay not see herself that way yet recognized as such by others because of her commitment to self and others. As the mother of a wonderful and down to earth young lady, I know I can help beyond my household because it truly takes a village and that way I make sure the message of acceptance is realized by the next generation of young ladies. No one will truly know the cost for you to be for others what someone was not for you, yet shine on young lady God sees and knows. Being a model for someone is not always easy, but the best influence on character, self-esteem, and confidence is your ability to help guide someone else. Recognize the pulls from a world that is consumed with self. Start by being inside what you know someone sees in themselves, so if that influence is counter active and goes against your belief system always trust the mirror reflects love.
“For now we see in a mirror, mirrordimly, but then face to face. I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.” (1 Cor. 13:12 NKJV) Your reflection should reflect back the face and heart of God. In this reflection, comes your reach and your ability to touch others for the purpose of showing them God and His purposeful will for their life.
Hey Mama It is my passion to show my household the Christ in me, but the bigger picture must be to spread the gospel of good news that Christ is coming again. I cannot be selfish by loving only those who give my heart a “shot of life” when I am with them. I must love those who I do not know, and go outside the comfort of the personal space I have created. As a teacher, I cannot be hindered by the space I create it must be the joy of seeing others reach their potential that inspires me to speak, to take action, and to love beyond my own limits. In my teaching responsibility, others will witness the greatness of my students. Always lighten the path of others by being truly and only what God has created you to be. It is important to honor God with the way you help His children because He wants to see all of us who believe when Christ comes. God’s invitation is to His mansion where the table will be set for us for the feast of a lifetime to honor our years of service.
As I lead, I hope to encourage you to be a sign post sign post that directs others back to God. Sometimes it’s hard not to drown in your desire to do something that will change the world. Always remember to give God the credit for your success when what you desire to do becomes a reality. “For if I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for necessity is laid upon me; yes, woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!” (1 Cor. 9:16)
Song for Mama I have to admit as a mother, I have done some things wrong. I have not always encouraged others when I should have. I have not always admitted my wrongs and repented for them. I have not always told the truth. I have not always extended love to my enemies. I have not always done the right thing when I knew it would be hard. As a mother, educator, and facilitator of a legacy I ask you to see yourself greater than you have before. I ask you to not allow the reminder of your past mistakes to hinder your inspiration for today. Do not deal with others the way you have been dealt with because you are consumed in the pain of a memory. Be always able to admit when you are wrong. Live your dream in a place of betterment and never bitterness. As a mother, the best advice I will pass on is what I heard my mother say: “You have to trust (love) someone some time.” I want to give my love to my readers and trust that I can inspire you to love yourself enough to dream. “My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” (1John 3:18 NKJV)



2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Post

  1. Very well said. I know what you are getting across and you are correct about being good roll models. My parents were an excellent example of living a Christian life and leading by example not just words. They made a great impression on me. Of course, I didn’t realize it until I was grown. Now I see how blessed I was to have them gently leading and teaching by living it.love you my sister in Christ.

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