Another Year


Of what value will your life be to others this year? Will it be another resolution you will not keep? Or will you decide to give more of yourself to add a voice to the conversations of your time? I have a mind that wants to be a part of the conversations, but what will be the best use of my voice? A question I definitely ponder. I mean what conversations need my input?
I am convinced there is no greater teacher than the word of God exposed to my life experiences. I know I would be told that my experiences have no effect on the word of God, and I would agree up to a point. If I stay small (not put my voice in), my experience with God’s Word would have no value with me or for others in my silence. Since I understand that what I learn is for the benefit of others, I must be relational… meaning I become a testimony of the spoken word of God through my life experiences in order to show what believing in God means for me and what that belief has done for my life. So as another year has come, I am set on go to experience life (governed by the word of God) beyond my wildest imagination.
I have lived defeated and unchallenged because of fear not wanting to be looked at, talked about, or quoted wrong because of my belief that I have something to offer others. “Do not throw your pearls to pigs.” (Matt. 7:6 paraphrased) Because I can explain living life has not always been easy or felt good but I trust God to keep me moving. I know I am malfunctioning in fear, yet I still feel compelled to give some my “Do what you see me do” kind of wisdom. I have a hard exterior to those who will not spend the time getting to know my truth. And choose to use the excuse, I am too intimidating. But those who have the privilege of knowing me, figure out I am an extremist when it comes to loyalty to those I love. The challenge for me is to spread this Christ love to everyone I will influence with my life experiences. At times I feel that I love everyone with the love of Christ, and other times I refuse to give love because I allow bad behavior mine or theirs to keep me from doing the will of my Heavenly Father. But guess what, He still loves me and gives me opportunities to be for others what He has been to me. What I have found out is that God is a constant presence and a sure foundation in those times when the ground seems to keep moving, and I need it to stop so that I can get off the treadmill my mind keeps showing me. I trust God can handle what the mind cannot figure out which enables me to take a much needed break from self. Then I allow myself to show up for others. So as another year has come, I will process my role in the relationships I have with others. To ask only those questions I really want answers to. To give my opinion only when I believe it will better the situation or person. To accept others as they come and ask the same of others. To love unselfishly and believe I can add value to the lives of those I am involved with.
By offering my experience to others for another year, I hope to give to the conversation what matters most to others:
1. I would say: Listen closely to others gauging what they need from you even if it is not spoken directly.
2. I would advise: Stop with reasoning why another person’s opinion is bothering or unsettling to you. “For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged.” (Matt. 7:2 paraphrased)
3. Taking life as each moment given will afford you better understanding of their character and how you can influence them to the next levels of growth. “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye.” (Matt. 7:5 paraphrased)
4. Leave the past experiences with people or situations alone because they will not give you the right perspective of people now.
Nothing you have experienced has more weight than the blood of Christ. Just allow the purity of Christ’s love to blanket you when uncertainty wants to cloud your judgment. Today, in this year of 2015, is really all you have; nothing else is promised.
As a dreamer, your claim to fame should be to be sold out to what God presents to you as your gifted talents. “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” (1Peter 5:6-7) And guess what, it does not take a new year’s resolution to start or finish. All it takes is you walking by faith. “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Cor. 5:7) Since another year’s opportunities are before you, do not waste any more time on “would a, could a, or should a.” Get about doing your Father God’s business which is helping others experience His loving grace and being consumed in His extreme mercy. Be true to your calling which is to continue giving the love you gave on Christmas Day. Don’t save it all for Christmas Day


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